What is CPD?


Broadly, ‘continuing professional development’ (‘CPD’) is a systematic and sustained process by which an individual not only maintains, but also improves and expands his/her professional knowledge and skills. 

A mandatory CPD scheme was introduced for advocates and solicitors of the Singapore Bar in 2012. The CPD scheme is administered by the Singapore Institute of Legal Education and formalises the individual solicitor’s responsibility and commitment to being a professionally competent and relevant practising member of the Singapore Bar.


Why should you take CPD seriously?


The practice of law is dynamic, and increasingly so in this age of technological, and often disruptive, innovations.

CPD is your investment in the continued currency and quality of your practice. It:

  • is a personal responsibility and must be driven by your own practice needs;
  • forms a record of professional development and progress to-date;
  • addresses gaps in skills and capabilities;
  • demonstrates commitment to the profession and supplies concrete examples of abilities to current and future clients and employers;
  • facilitates valuable networking opportunities and the exchange of knowledge and information.