CPD Year 2020 Activity Forecast



30 Mar 2020
Mediation Training Programme+
27 Mar 2020
APCEL Climate Change Law Executive Programme
26 Mar 2020
Taxation of Intangibles
26 Mar 2020
The PIPD 2020 Seminar
26 Mar 2020
Advanced Certificate in Trust Services+
25 Mar 2020
Non-Contractual Claims in Commercial Arbitration
25 Mar 2020
Tax Evasion: Recent Changes in the Sentencing Regime
25 Mar 2020
International Commercial Mediation Workshop+
24 Mar 2020
The MCA's 1st Decade – A Mini-Retrospective: Did the MCA create a Pandora’s Box for Lawyers?
20 Mar 2020
Actively Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Market
19 Mar 2020
ACRA’s Prescribed Anti-money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) Course
17 Mar 2020
Legal Environment for doing business in China+
17 Mar 2020
The 'Social Contract', Care and Inheritance in England, Hong Kong and Singapore
16 Mar 2020
Informal Financial Restructuring
11 Mar 2020
Priorities in Life: Reset for Success
11 Mar 2020
The Singapore International Commercial Court Symposium 2020: Trends and Developments in International Commercial Litigation
10 Mar 2020
The Settlement of International Investment Disputes+
09 Mar 2020
Participant in Dispute Resolution : Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1)+
06 Mar 2020
Common Legal Issues in Tax Faced by SMEs
06 Mar 2020
Taking On Tax as A Young Corporate Lawyer
05 Mar 2020
How to Perform Prior Art Searches
02 Mar 2020
Overview of Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act
27 Feb 2020
Legal Practice Management Course (22nd Run)+
26 Feb 2020
Arbitrators’ Studio – In conversation with the notorious GKK
25 Feb 2020
CBFL SEMINAR SERIES The Use of ADR in the Enforcement of Security Interests and Insolvency
24 Feb 2020
E154: Anti-Money Laundering / Combating The Financing Of Terrorism (“AML / CFT”) Course
24 Feb 2020
Mediation Advocacy Workshop – Understanding Your Role as Counsel in a Mediation (2nd Run)
22 Feb 2020
Muslim Law Practice Course (Module 3: Principles and Practice of Muslim Family Law in Singapore)
22 Feb 2020
Muslim Law Practice Course (Module 2: Muslim Inheritance Law)
21 Feb 2020
Muslim Law Practice Course (Module 1: Administration of Muslim Family Law in Singapore)
20 Feb 2020
7th Developments in IP Law Series - Patents
19 Feb 2020
Making Sense of the Right of Communication to the Public- Does Implied Licence have an Answer?

*Mandatory Event
+Multiple-Day Event
^To Be Confirmed (TBC) Event


Activities accredited by SILE will bear the SILE’s Accredited Activity logo together with other details including the SILE’s Attendance Policy. Additional information such as CPD summary (e.g. Public CPD Points, practice area and training level) can be found in the brochure and/or provider's website.