Advisories and Notices


The Institute releases advisories and notices regarding the operation of the CPD scheme from time to time. Referring to such advisories and notices may help you understand the corresponding part of the CPD scheme better.


For current advisories and notices, please refer below under the headings ‘Current advisories’ and ‘Current notices’. Please click on the hyperlink to view a PDF version of the full advisory or notice.


Advisories and notices that are no longer current may be found in the Advisories archive.


 Current advisories


Advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore seeking to apply for a Singapore practising certificate ('PC') must make one of the three declarations set out under rule 8 of the CPD Rules in the online PC application form. This advisory clarifies the appropriate declaration to be made by various groups of solicitors seeking to apply for PCs in 2017.

3. SILE Advisory CPD-2017-2 (Waiver Applications for CPD Year 2016)

If you are unable to fulfil your CPD requirements for CPD Year 2016 even after relying on the Extension Waiver and any applicable Deemed Waivers, or if they do not apply to your situation, then you may consider applying to the SILE for a waiver using the Waiver Application for CPD Year 2016 Form ahead of the renewal of your PC in 2017.


2. SILE Advisory CPD-2017-1 (Extension Waiver for CPD Year 2016)

The Singapore Institute of Legal Education has implemented an Extension Waiver for CPD Year 2016. The extension period is from 1 January 2017 to 31 March 2017. During the extension period, solicitors may attend CPD activities and obtain CPD points that can be applied towards fulfilling either their CPD points requirements for CPD Year 2016 or CPD points requirements for CPD Year 2017. Solicitors seeking to rely on the Extension Waiver must lodge a formal Extension Waiver Notice accessible through their ePortfolio accounts in the SILE CPD Centre.


1. SILE Advisory CPD-2012-1 (Deemed waivers)

The Singapore Institute of Legal Education has implemented three ‘deemed waiver’ categories. In each CPD year, advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore with CPD points requirements to fulfil may self-assess whether they fall into any of the ‘deemed waiver’ categories and then fulfil their CPD points requirements for a given CPD year accordingly.



Current notices


1. SILE CPD Notice on CPD Year 2017

This notice clarifies the CPD Points Requirements for Group 3 Lawyers, Group 2 Lawyers, Group 1 Lawyers and s36B Foreign Lawyers for CPD Year 2017.