About the CPD Guide


The CPD Guide explains the main aspects of the CPD Scheme as it applies in each CPD Year. The CPD Guide is for reference only and is not a substitute for the applicable legislation and the advisories issued by the Institute from time to time. The Institute recommends that you read the CPD Guide together with – not instead of – the applicable legislation and advisories. The full version of the CPD Guide for current and past CPD Years are available as downloads. Excerpts from the current CPD Guide are also reproduced as set out in the navigation menu on the left.

The information in the 2022 CPD Guide is correct as at 15 December 2021. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the contents of this Guide and the CPD Rules 2012 (including the CPD Guidelines 2017 and CPD Advisories), the following shall prevail (in order of precedence): (a) CPD Rules 2012; (b) CPD Guidelines 2017; (c) CPD Advisories; (d) CPD Guide 2024.


The information in the 2023 CPD Guide is correct as at 15 December 2023.