About ePortfolio


 ePortfolio is an easy way of keeping track of your CPD Activities.


You will need to log into the system to update your e-mail account. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive any e-mail updates. You may also subscribe to or unsubscribe from a range of optional features available via the ePortfolio system.


The records of your attendance at an Accredited CPD Activity (i.e. Public CPD Points) are automatically updated to your personal account so you only need to log in to update the records of your other CPD Activities to track your Private CPD Points obtained.


Your attendance at an Accredited CPD Activity may take up to a month after the event to be updated to your personal account. You will receive an e-mail notification whenever your account is updated by the system. Please notify us at cpd@sile.sg immediately if your account is updated with an activity which you attended without having complied with the Attendance Policy.


Please note that the ePortfolio system is a service provided for your convenience. The records of your participation in Accredited CPD Activities are based on information provided to us by organisers of accredited CPD activities. You may not rely on the data in the ePortfolio system as conclusive proof of your having obtained the Public CPD Points stated in your records. You will need to separately retain evidence of your attendance at CPD Activities in case you are subject to an audit.


If you wish to maintain a hardcopy record of the CPD Activities you undertake instead of using ePortfolio, please refer to the CPD Guide for more details.